Joseph Young,  Jaime Hipolito, Zenon Hipolito

Master Weavers

Zenon Hipolito, a master weaver born in a small village of Teotitlan Del Valle in Oaxaca,

Mexico. Zenon has been weaving for 49 years following in his footsteps is his second son Jaime

Hipolito born in Stockton, California, the eighth generation weaver and Joseph Young born on

the island of Oahu, he is a third generation weaver. Weaving is a Zapotec art form that has been

passed down for many generations. Through their weaving they revive their history and honor

their ancestors. Jaime Hipolito & Joseph Young are creating their own signature pieces by using

hand spun, hand dyed wools, combining contemporary and traditional motifs while creating new

color combinations. They believe their rugs are a link to the past to better understand the present.

They use two different methods to create their art. The first method is creating geometric designs

such as pyramids, diamonds and grecas(steps of life). This method begins after the warp has been

threaded onto the loom. The warp strings are counted by odd and even numbers. The second

method, non-geometric forms which include spiral figures, birds, flowers and circular designs.

First they draw the design on a blank piece of paper, then dot the design on the warp which

allows them to create a perfect piece of art.

In 1996, Zenon was presented with the “ Artist of the Year” award by McMillan McGraw Hill

Publishing Company at the Cabe Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2000-2003 Zenon was

invited to the San Francisco Academy of Science, to demonstrate and display his art of weaving.

For an exceptional display of his art in 2005 & 2008, Zenon was awarded “ Best of Show “ at

the Castro Street Fair and In 2009 he was invited to the World of Wonders Museum in Lodi, Ca

to demonstrate and display his art. In January 2013, Jaime & Joseph who are members of the

American Tapestry Alliance participated in “ Interweaving Cultures” a tapestry exhibit at the

Museo Textil de Oaxaxa & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Zenon, Jaime and Joseph have been able to travel to different parts of California and other states

to display their art. They have established many friendships with many other artists along the

way that have the same passion for their work. But their source of greatest satisfaction is being

able to volunteer their time by going to different elementary and high schools in California to

demonstrate the art of weaving. Most importantly, they are able to educate people about their

art, their culture, and their traditions through weaving.